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Vic Reeves

Vic Reeves is a young singer-songwriter from London.

Music has always been part of Vic's life – the radio and CDs being played around the family home, singing along with TV theme tunes. When she joined her primary school choir, her natural talent was recognised and she had her first taste of performing. With this foundation laid, music became an integral part of Vic's identity.

In secondary school, Vic began singing lessons and appeared on The Voice Kids in 2020. When life was disrupted by COVID-19, Vic focused on her music – training her voice, practicing the guitar and exploring the art of songwriting. She found inspiration in artists like Adele with her soulful melodies and deeply emotive lyrics that resonate with universal emotions. It was after navigating her first heartbreak that Vic found solace in capturing and processing her emotions through songwriting. She now writes about life, heartache, love, and family.

Vic's first release for Uniq Recording Artists is 'Made For Me'.

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