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Taylor West

Taylor West is a singing/songwriter, she was born on 21st June 1995 in Buckinghamshire and moved to Essex when she was very young. Taylor started singing when she was able to put words together! Always performing in her bedroom, her first live performance was at her Aunt's wedding when she was 13. Taylor got an overwhelming response, and this gave her the confidence to do more. Taylor taught herself to sing and it has always came natural but when she was 15 she decided to have a few singing lessons, she t hen went on to learn musical theatre and competed in competitions around the UK. Taylor has a very soulful tone to her voice with a rasp that makes her vocal individual.

When Taylor was 18 she joined a band to perform around Essex but around 6 months af ter she decided to go solo. Taylor is currently touring UK theatres in productions 'One Voice' and 'Rock for Heroes' which have given Taylor a superb exposure to wider audiences of different age ranges and being able to sing different genres. Taylor is als o creating her own music to release in 2019 in the genres of Pop and R&B, with producers Mark Jaimes and Danny Saxon.
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