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Rob Jones (artist name Rob Jones TV) is a musician, actor and presenter. Musically, he is best known as bassist, vocalist and songwriter of Brit Pop top 20 chart hit makers MISSING ANDY and for his collaboration with Dizzee Rascal on his E3AF album track 'Be Incredible'.

Rob is a self-taught musician, starting at the age of six and gradually picking every skill needed to be 100% self-sufficient. He is an award-winning songwriter, multi skilled musician, vocalist and producer at Manor Studio Essex and ensures that all his clients walk away with amazing creations and success.

Alongside acting, presenting and running his own music studio, Rob - a veritable Swiss Army knife of talent – is building his solo music career. His catalogue spans moods and musical genres. He is loved by fans for his powerful voice, charismatic stage presence and ability to create potent images and evoke intense emotions with a few well-chosen words.

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