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GO NOW! is the brainchild of drummer Gordy Marshall. Gordy toured with The Moody Blues for 25 years. Along with Mick Wilson (known as the lead singer of 10cc), the two musicians have brought together some of the very best singers and instrumentalists in the country to create a classic rock band:

'I refer to it as a supergroup because in all the work I've done over the years these are absolutely the best musicians I've worked with – sometimes I look around the stage and think I'm punching above my weight . . . there is no one on stage who isn't at the very top of their game . . .' (Gordy Marshall).

GO NOW! tours extensively: 'world class musicians and the absolute 'gold standard' when it comes to performing LIVE', including with symphony orchestras 'pure magic and a true masterpiece'.

They are now releasing their live and recorded music with Uniq Recording Artists.

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