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Chess Taylor

Chess Taylor is an international Classical Crossover vocalist with a stunning mezzo soprano voice. She has a wealth of experience in the industry having performed professionally since 2014. Chess provides bespoke entertainment for a wide variety of events including weddings, funerals, hotels, holiday parks, corporate events, private events and cruise lines. Her enchanting voice compliments a wide variety of genres and she is sure to impress any audience with her effortless four octave range.

Chess has spent many years of her professional career on board cruise lines performing in the show team. The shows on board consisted of a team of 9 performers and had intricate harmonies and challenging dance routines. Whilst singing in the shows every night, she also got to travel to some of the worlds most sought after locations including Venice, St Petersberg, Norway, Iceland, The Caribbean and The Amazon Rainforest.

In 2018, Chess had the pleasure of performing as part of a successful classical quartet harmony group called Crescendo. The group sang classical crossover songs in four part harmony, they performed as the headline act on major Cruise Ship fleets and even toured the stunning venues of Warner Leisure Hotels in the United Kingdom.

Chess has also toured some of the countries most beautiful Theatres with the 80's Live Tour. This all singing and dancing show has an ever growing following and is still touring today. Chess started with this production in 2019 when the show was first put together and she was lucky enough to perform the opening show.

Working with UNIQ Recording Artists is the next big step in Chess' career and she can't wait to see where this road takes her.

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